Amazing Facts

Tapputi, the chemist was the perfume maker in 2nd Millennium BC.
Egyptians believed perfumes were the sweat of gods and were the first to develop the art of Perfume Making in 3000 BC The plaster of the Temple of Minerva in Elis was mixed with milk and saffron. So if you rub your wet finger against the wall you can still smell the saffron Persians invented the distillation process and the philosopher Aricenna was one of the first to apply the principles of chemistry to preserve the volatile aromas of flower by distillation.
In the 17th Century, Perfumed Gloves became famous both as an accessory and as the murder weapon. A French duchess was murdered when the poison was rubbed in her gloves and that slowly absorbed into her skin.
In the 1st Century BC perfumes came to an exotic use. Romans used them on their pets, particularly dogs and horses. At time they even put perfumes on bird wings and let them fly all over the place inorder to spread the fragrance.